Women's Cannabis Chamber of Commerce

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce mission is to move entrepreneurs’ beyond empowerment into powerful result driven career strategies, CEO positions and business ownership; and to provide resources, education, and support for financial success and expansion.

The monthly Network are resuming June 2021, visit our website for cities and dates. In person Cannabis business courses are resuming on September 16th in Denver.

The Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce was founded in 2012 as the Cannabis Chamber of Commerce. During a women in the industry networking breakfast in 2014 it was apparent there was a need for a chamber of commerce for women. The chamber evolved into the Women’s Cannabis Chamber of Commerce in 2016. Like the cannabis industry we have evolved to serve the business needs of our members.

Our approach to expansion is slow and steady. We are building an organization that will be thriving and serving the needs of our members for decades. We are building the foundation for the future.

Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. We influence what products and businesses succeed or fail. 85% of women say that if they like a brand, they will remain loyal to it.

We are business women and entrepreneurs in all stages of businesses.

We can help one another achieve business stability, financial success and expansion by coming together consciously focusing on

  • promoting women owned (or partnering in) businesses
  • buying products
  • utilizing services
  • mentoring other entrepreneurs
  • sharing resources
  • business education

When women come together business happens organically.