CannaSVG brings large-scale cultivation and high-quality medical cannabis to the same table. We believe that top-shelf medical cannabis should always take priority, and this will be evident to our consumers.

Aiding us in our quest to cultivate top shelf medical cannabis is the Caribbean sun. The majority of our produce comes from our 60-acre outdoor organic farm, where we employ unique cultivation practices in order to ensure that we far exceed the demand for quality, while simultaneously being able to produce the volumes needed for various markets around the world.

Our numerous 96’ x 30’ top of the line greenhouses allow us to control all parameters of our perpetual cycle via a cloud based system, whether it be lighting, irrigation, climate control, light-dep, etc; allowing us the ability to keep tabs on, and make the best decisions for all our plants at any given moment.

CannaSVG aims to attain official GMP certification by Q3 2021, with all of our practices currently being GMP and GACP compliant. Our SOP’s (standard operating procedures) are extensive, catering for every aspect of our commercial medical cannabis project as a whole.