Colombian Mountain Cannabis

Colombian Mountain Cannabis is licensed, vertically integrated company focused on cost-effective production of high-quality cannabis products and making supply simple and easy for producers, distributors and manufactures in legal markets worldwide. With perfect conditions, regulatory framework, and a perpetual harvest cycle; we can reliably meet the needs of a wide range of commercial clients, and continuously deliver safe, certified, cannabinoid extracts and oils at the best value.

We are a purpose-driven producer based in a small farming community Liborina, with over 535,000 Sq. Ft. of fertile land licensed for CBD/THC cultivation, and over 3,000 Sq. Ft. GMP compliant design pharma-grade extraction facility; and a small but dynamic team of specialized professionals with key experience and trust.

Resulting in a strong foundation and corporate culture rooted in sound principles for purpose and profits, as we focus on strategic partners and building an environment in which people, plants and profits can thrive.