CEO Eaze Wellness

  • Cannabis Jobs
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • 04 Mar, 2021

Job Description

STEALTH COMPANY - NATURAL WELLNESS, HEALTH TECH, MEDIA An impact-focused (think bCorp like Patagonia); Santa Monica, Austin, Hawaii, and Colorado-based venture collective of serial entrepreneurs (enterprise tech, health & wellness, media & entertainment, blockchain, data, gaming, hemp/cannabis, influencers, thought leaders) with multiple exits (philosophy skincare>Coty, StubHub>eBay, Essential Living Foods > Nestle, Kevita>Pepsi, Responsys>Oracle) who are dedicated to activating nature?s intelligence to elevate global health through: Regenerative Wellness, Natural Medicine, Next-generation Technologies, and game-changing partnerships/collaborations. We are looking for a startup CEO and business operator with experience rapidly scaling to 9 figure revenues. The opportunity we?re in the middle of is one that comes with product and distribution to kick the company off with significant amounts of targeted traffic. WHY THIS OPPORTUNITY FEELS LIKE A UNICORN This is a unique opportunity to step into a highly collaborative senior team that operates our businesses and our lives with a very evolved view of ourselves, our universe and the world we all share. We are as determined to create widespread impact in the world as we are to know that our thinking is only as good as our ability to evolve that thinking collaboratively with our senior leadership teams and the context of the situations we are in. It is our humble belief that the situation we?re in the middle of is a once-in-a-lifetime nexus - especially given our co-marketing traffic partnership with millions of current customers ready for our forthcoming stealth companion site (see more below). We?re looking for an experienced and evolved leader to join our collective and take things to the moon. WHAT WE?RE CREATING We are staffing a stealth-mode health-tech / ecommerce property that is a Joint Venture with a very large co-marketing and co-branding partner, currently commanding millions of monthly eyeballs and millions of paying customers. This new ecommerce property will leverage partnerships with top global thought-leaders and influencers in the areas of: functional medicine, scientifically-validated natural medicine, root cause analysis, telemedicine, IoT device-based health trends (biometrics, fitness tracking, sleep tracking), at-home diagnostics (DNA, bio-markers), personalized medicine, and ancient medical systems of the planet: traditional chinese, ayurveda, and amazonian medicine. We are working with some of the strongest brands (physical goods, digital goods and broader solutions), as well as promising cutting edge brands/solutions that are in the early stages of their product lifecycles. Our research and our belief is that we don?t compete directly with Amazon or vitacost because discerning customers aren?t going to these sites for efficient answers to their family?s critical health problems. They desire the expertise of a functional MD (+/- ND, OD, ayurveda, TCM), combined with the efficiency of tech-forward health apps/services, instilling confidence that data-driven (biomarkers, diagnostic tests, board-certified expert guidance) brings to a total health solution. YOUR ROLE & RESPONSIBILITIES + Maximize Opportunities - We are biz-dev and corp-dev deal makers. You should know how to identify leverage and fully take advantage of CEO & board-level partnerships with both global enterprises and emerging startups. + Collaborate w/Board & Founders + Build your Sr. Team - As CEO, you will be a cornerstone of our founding team. Because we operate a portfolio of multiple companies, you will need to build a senior and support team for this stand-alone business/P&L, which you will run. You will have the assistance and support of our entire team, our companies and our networks. + Manage Revenue & Valuation Growth - The markets we are in (telemedicine, health-tech, ecommerce, natural wellness / functional-medicine renaissance, wearable data, unbundling of the family doctor) give us unbounded opportunities. Your responsibility will be to develop solid business fundamentals (predictable revenues, customer growth, KPIs) while making moves for exponential valuation jumps (brand leadership, strategic partnerships, momentum, unique differentiators). + Future Capitalization - Work as a team with the board and co-founders to package and scale the business with a balanced approach to cashflow and incremental capitalization efforts. (We anticipate strong cashflow and want to leverage this into favorable capitalization terms so that we stay ahead of market competition.) + Create & Execute Strategic Plans - Move quickly to improve & implement our current 6-month plan, while you lead the development of an 18-month plan (ASAP), and a 36-month plan (at the optimal time). + Bridging Strategy into Operations - Work with your senior team to efficiently and effectively translate strategic (corporate) plans into tactical plans that their teams can execute predictably. A balance of cavalier momentum and systems and structures. + Oversee Customer-centric Agile Execution - Take a rapid iterative approach and lean startup methodology to moving quickly through product:market fit and into scale. With our co-branding traffic partnership, this business is primed to scale rapidly, and we still have to tune our efforts to the customer needs at every step of the way to create a winning brand with stellar customer lifetime value metrics. + Strategic Positioning & Brand Building - Understand the importance of strategic positioning and the value of a brand, and build one over time, while embracing the DTC nature of our business. Our digital delivery mechanisms (telemedicine, personalized health solutions, subscription models). + Innovative DTC models - We live in a CAC:LTV world. Develop models and approaches that leverage the high-efficiency of DTC (direct-to-consumer) methodologies in today?s complex markets (i.e. data privacy and platforming risks on Google, Facebook, Amazon). + Managing Risk - Identify and manage risk in our model, with a sensitivity for how risk changes as our company, product, and market lifecycles evolve. + Having Fun Leading by Example - Be a strong leader who understands the value of building a company culture of full-spectrum wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical, social, environmental, spiritual, and financial. Embrace being an evolved/evolving leader that embraces a heat-lead, round-table, open-door approach. EXPERIENCE - The following skills and experiences are highly desirable + Healthtech, Telemedicine - Experience with innovative models that deliver health services directly to consumers. + HIPAA compliance - Familiarity with FDA and HIPAA compliance, including how to manage and build compliant software-centric DTC businesses. + Software-dependent Businesses - A blend of licensable cloud-based software and modest to moderate custom development. + Consumer Subscription Models - Web or app-centric subscription models for physical and/or digital goods. + Digital goods - Marketing guides, online programs, and subscription models such as workout plans, online wellness programs, yoga subscriptions, telemedicine sites/apps. + Ecommerce & DTC - Direct-to-consumer conversion models with sensitivities around CPA/CAC:LTV ratios across single sku, limited sku and large catalog ecommerce sites. + Portfolio Approach - Experience managing a portfolio of niche sites, niche brands and/or tech/media startup portfolio management. + Platform, Network, Power Site Management - Client-side vs. agency side is preferred. + Creative Business Solutions - Find creative solutions to business problems and market conditions. + Mastering the Value of Data - Come with an understanding and experience in building value around multiple types of data (customers, traffic, social-web intel, industry usage). + Content marketing & audience building - Target, attract, engage, capture/convert target audiences leveraging influencers, thought leaders and the social web. + Movement building - #BLM, #MeToo, Whole30, paleo, keto, TikTok dance challenges, TLS icebucket,, justicedemocrats, small business saturday, Occupy, Standing Rock, cult CrowdFunding campaigns. (Note, our business is not political in nature.) + Content, Education, video sales - Models where content, expertise contribute to the value for the customer. From TED talks to TV shows to infomercials. + Data-driven decisions - Lead the company culture around tracking, reporting, analyzing, testing, optimizing. Manage ROI of campaigns and audiences. + Channel partner businesses - Work with strategic partners to co-create and co-publish content + Influencer marketing - Business development, planning, implementation + Momentum Builder - Experience building momentum, moving quickly and rapidly iterating to generate incremental and exponential results. + Show up fully - Be super fun, happy, positive, creative, collaborative. + Show up for yourself - Have a personal growth and personal development practice that helps you show up as your highest-vibration self. INTERESTS & BUSINESS FOCUS You should be a geek about tech/media startups, business models, culture, healthy lifestyles, natural wellness, biohacking, health hacking, scientific wellness, life optimization, personalized medicine (i.e. genetics), fitness, vitality, longevity, energetics, psychedelic and plant medicines, and IoT health devices (i.e. fitbit). REPORTING STRUCTURE We?re a relatively flat organization that fosters naturally arising leadership. We also use circular management, where stakeholders show up together to support the project lead. We aspire to be a ?teal organization? and hope you embrace and add value to an evolved workplace culture as we all discover what it means to evolve as leaders in a rapidly changing global culture. + You?ll report to: Board of Directors + You?ll be accountable to: All of the partners in this business are accountable first to themselves, and secondly to the team around us (above, below, and adjacent). + Location: We will all work remotely for the foreseeable future. Most of us are in Santa Monica, CA / West LA. Being local (West LA) is a big plus, but not a requirement. + Timezone: You should be willing and able to work in the Pacific Time Zone, with the ability to accommodate other timezones. CULTURE We foster a culture of accountability where everyone is a self-starter and team player in an ego-free collaborative environment. Our #1 job is to manage our vibe, and show up fully - which means taking time for ourselves is essential. We stand for unprecedented results, operational excellence and a transforming quality of life, for the business, the team, their families and the planet itself. We are serious about results, and love to have fun. We foster safe space, and embrace ?no thing unsaid?. COMPENSATION We offer competitive startup packages that are commensurate with your experience that include a blend of: + Cash + Performance + Profit sharing + Equity THE CIRCLES WE CO-CREATE IN We've worked with the coolest brands out there (Disney, Xbox, Apple, Nike, The Marley Family), launched the largest tokens (EOS), won awards (Emmy) produced TV shows (Narcos, Godfather of Harlem, Amazing Race, Survivor), and are networked to some of the most impactful groups out there (Summit Series, Neurohacker Collective, Landmark, Burning Man, Davos, World Economic Forum, Esalen Institute, MAPS, Aspen Institute, Pachamama Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Integral Institute). We?re excited to merge our networks and make magic happen. TAKE ACTION Are you inspired? Please reach out. Let?s talk. Primary contact: (Tony Greenberg, Chairman of the Board) Secondary contacts: (Juston Brommel, Ford Smith, Kipp Stroden; partners)