Social/Marketing Internship(s)

  • Cannabis Jobs
  • Santa Monica, CA, USA
  • 06 Mar, 2021

Job Description

ABOUT COMPANY 7Hands is an impact-focussed (think bCorp like Patagonia); LA, Hawaii, and Colorado-based venture collective of serial entrepreneurs (natural wellness, tech, media, blockchain, gaming, hemp/cannabis) with multiple exits (philosophy skincare>Coty, StubHub>eBay, Essential Living Foods > Nestle, Kevita>Pepsi, Responsys>Oracle) who are dedicated to activating nature?s intelligence to elevate global health through: Regenerative Wellness, Natural Medicine, Next-generation Technologies. We've worked with the coolest brands out there (Disney, Xbox, Apple, Nike, The Marley Family), launched the largest tokens (EOS), won awards (Emmy) produced TV shows (Narcos, Godfather of Harlem, Amazing Race, Survivor), and are networked to some of the coolest impact groups out there (Summit Series, Neurohacker Collective, Landmark, Burning Man, Davos, World Economic Forum, Esalen Institute, MAPS, Aspen Institute, Pachamama Alliance, Rainforest Action Network, Amazon Watch, Buckminster Fuller Institute, Integral Institute). PROJECT SCOPE We are looking for remote virtual interns: shining stars who are motivated to learn how to produce impact, change and drive online revenue. Seekers of deeper truths. Change agents who want fire in their belly and passion in their hearts. Bonus points if you are into natural wellness, healthy lifestyles, good food, yoga, mediation, and emerging woke culture. There are 3 profile types we are looking for. (You can be one, or more.) + The Creator - You are a multimedia content creator and producer by nature. You think visually. You understand the power of music and impact of carefully chosen words. You nerd out on viral content - even if your view on social media is counter to the masses (sheeple). You live to create. Both for your own messages and stories, and for the sake of putting good work together to get the messages and stories that matter out to the world. + The Connector - You are active online in communities, games, social networks, or similar. You are a real people person - even if it is only in digital realms. You are social (irl or afrl), vocal, and intelligent communicator, with a high EQ who knows how and when to listen. You are a natural leader who knows how to work with people and how to manage situations to get things done. You have a nose for quality, and aren't scared to put the time into research and networking. You likely have an active following on social, or play a community manager role somewhere in your life. + The Systematizer - You thrive on solving problems. You're a tinkerer, a builder, an engineer. You get how things come together, how they work. You have experience building digital things. Sites, apps, tools, systems. You are good at researching how systems work and know how to tap into youtube, help systems, forums, user groups and the web in general to get answers. You know why certain apps, tools and plugins are better, and why others aren't. You Will Gain Hands-on Experience: + You will work with a talented, hands-on team. You will tap into our networks, leverage our experience, and learn best-practices and hard-core startup growth skills. + Together we will create content, curate content, publish and distribute content. + We will grow and scale trendy niche social audiences in the health and wellness space. + You will get exposure to our Thought Leaders and Expert Board (functional MDs, NDs, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, western herbalism, top global ethnobotanists, amazonian shamans). + You will get exposure to, and help us scale our influencer and micro-influencer programs. + You will learn how to work in a lean startup/agile organization. + You will have fun and learn from high-quality, high-integrity humans in a Teal Organization. So what will you actually do? + This is a hands-on role. You support the senior team to succeed, and the senior team will mentor you. + We create ecommerce subscriptions, conversion funnels, social media, content, influencers, podcasts, videos. Primary contact: (Juston Brommel, managing partner) Secondary contact: (Kipp Stroden, managing partner)