Cultivation Technician/General Labor (Direct Hire)

  • Cannabis Jobs
  • Burnt Ranch, CA
  • 22 Mar, 2021

Job Description


Cultivation Technician/General Labor


The Cultivation Technician provides daily care of cannabis plants from planting to harvest, and from harvest to drying and processing the plants for shipment to the processing facility. During the cultivation season, the Cultivation Technician will provide quality care and attention to the growing process of the plants from clone to harvest which includes pruning, trimming, watering, providing nutrients and pulling tarps. The Cultivation Technician will assist with harvesting the plants and processing the plants through the hanging, curing and packaging of the plants. Detailed recordkeeping and strict adherence to the company’s operating procedures and compliance with the state regulations is essential for this position.


Farm Manager


  • Daily care of cannabis plants, including watering, pruning and trimming, inspecting the plants.

  • Fertilizing and providing nutrients to the plants according to cultivation protocols set forth by the Lead Grower.

  • Careful monitoring of the plants for any signs of growing issues or problems; treatment for disease or infestation.

  • Assist with de-leafing and harvesting the cannabis plants, including hanging, curing and drying the plants.

  • Continuous systematic cleaning and sanitizing of grow facility and machinery; dispose of waste according to strict compliance guidelines.

  • Accurate tracking and recording of data during each phase of the cultivation process.

  • Ensure the appropriate information is accurate and listed clearly in accordance with the
    state regulations and company standard operating procedures.

  • Carefully follow directions as provided by the farm manager .

  • Willingness to continue to learn best practices of cannabis cultivation with a
    strong interest in horticulture, agriculture and greenhouse operating systems.

  • Additional job duties as assigned.


  • Strong desire to work in cultivation or agriculture and a willingness to quickly learn about growing and harvesting quality cannabis plants.

  • High level of integrity and a strong work ethic.

  • Strong interpersonal skills; team player.

  • Demonstrated ability to work comfortably and effectively within a diverse, multicultural,
    multigenerational environment.

  • Must be 21+, with a valid State ID, and able to pass additional background screening.
    Required: High School Diploma, (preferred, but not necessary) Work Experience: 1 to 3 years working in a cannabis environment.
    Ability to read, write and speak English fluently.
    Ability to read and interpret documents such as standard operating procedures, employee handbook and other company documents.

Strong work ethic and willingness to work hard to ensure plants are given ongoing attention and required care.

  • Strong attention to detail in accurate recordkeeping.

  • Willingness to continue to learn and grow with the company, improve cultivation skills
    and gain greater knowledge of cultivation processes.

  • Integrity and respect toward others.

  • Ability to preserve confidentiality of information.

  • Ability to work as part of a team to achieve company goals.

  • Ability to work weekends on an occasional basis.

  • Ability to work extended days on an occasional basis.

  • Ability to work daytime or evening hours.

  • Ability to work within strict time frames and resolute deadlines.

  • Personal transportation is required.

    The Cultivation Technician position is very active and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, stooping, crouching all day. The physical requirements described below are representative of those that must be met to successfully perform the essential responsibilities and duties of this job.
    Regularly required to do the following activities:

  • Extensive walking throughout an expansive greenhouse environment.

  • Standing for long periods without a break.

  • Ability to lift 30 to 40 pounds and carry a distance of one hundred feet.

  • Use hands to finger, handle, and/or feel; the ability to type, pick, pinch with fingers,
    seize, hold, grasp or turn with hands and perceive attributes of objects and materials such
    as size, shape, temperature, or texture, by touching with fingertips

  • Maintain balance while walking, standing or crouching.

  • Twist upper torso.

  • Reach up and out with hands and arms.