Extraction Lab Director

  • GreenForce Staffing
  • Bend, OR
  • 23 Mar, 2021

Job Description

GreenForce is working with Dr Jolly's to find their ideal Extraction Lab Director for their extraction labs located in Bend, OR.


- Wage and benefits package are competitive. 

- 30-day trial period. Goal for after 30 days is to be completely proficient in all requirements below.

- When 30 days have finished and all requirements are met, wage compensation will be dependent on skills and experience. This is a performance-based position.

Expected hours:

9 hours shifts, anywhere between 8am-8pm Monday-Friday, weekend availability required. Lunch depending on workload (time of day will vary). Hours per week: 40-45 hours.


Minimum Qualifications

BS/BA Degree in Chemistry/Engineering or related field required.

5+ years of relevant experience as a Lab Director in a licensed cannabis manufacturing facility.

4+ years of operational experience with hydrocarbon extraction.

2+ years of operational experience with ethanol extraction, concentrate and oil post-processing, distillation and formulation.

3+ years of METRC software experience.

Any experience in developing a cannabis manufacturing facility from concept to operations is highly preferred.


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Responsible for increasing operational efficiency and reducing waste, increasing run times

Operating highly sophisticated extraction equipment; Processing concentrates and extracts

Perform in-process and post-process quality assurance testing and conducting visual inspections to ensure all product meets or exceed specifications and expectations

Oversee extraction, production, planning, processing, and scheduling

Operate, maintain, and make adjustments to extraction laboratory equipment such as liquid chromatography systems, pumps, scales, glassware, evaporators, distillation, chillers and other laboratory equipment following current good practices and standard operating procedures.

Ensure that all regulatory compliance, including safety, environmental, and documentation requirements and all other data generated by the laboratory team meets quality control requirements.

Maintain accountability and inventory of all supplies, raw materials, finished products. and equipment by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.

Demonstrated confidence, including providing a consistent leadership style with an acceptable level of professional assertiveness.

Work directly with the Executive Management team to define expected outcomes, identify issues and resolve through corrective action

Interview, hire and manage new employees

Ensures 100% compliance involving proper weighing, data recording, product tracking and security throughout all processes

Consistently operates in an efficient manner that also complies with all OSHA regulations, SOP’s, OLCC, and all applicable required procedures set by the company

Responsible for ensuring each product is properly labeled in compliance with OLCC

Cleaning and maintenance of extraction equipment and laboratory facility following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and standard operating procedures; complying with legal regulations; monitoring environment

Monitor and maintain production of the facility in accordance with the safety and sanitation laws, procedures, rules, and regulations

Responsible for the preparation of material to be processed in accordance with daily tasks

Ensures consistency and efficacy of product through quality control testing

Performs all assigned duties required to ensure a clean and safe production facility

Maintain accurate extraction production logs

Ability to thoroughly control all laboratory production equipment in a safe environment

- Full operation of extraction equipment and a comprehensive understanding of the process

- Extreme attention to detail required

- Accurately weigh and pack material columns to preassigned weights, clean material columns, dispose of waste

- Clearly Tag (using metrc UID) all tubes

- Maintaining all freezers cleanliness, organization, and function check daily (product is frozen)

- Preparing raw materials for production

- Maintaining accurate inventory and tagging procedures

- Clean and sanitize all lab equipment

- Sweep and mop lab and all lab work areas

- Assist with the beginning of day extractions preparations

- Assist with cleaning and sanitizing production equipment

- Assist with the nightly checklist

- Clean bathroom when assigned

- Do not show up to work impaired (including cannabis)


- Lead by example

- Be confident and comfortable answering all safety questions and concerns

- Be confident answering all METRC related questions and concerns

- Must show high initiative and work ethic

- Self-reliant on break length and frequency

- Staying on task

- Working quickly without sacrificing the quality, consistency, or integrity of the product

- Being clean and sanitary at all times

- Punctual, dependable, and reliable