Cannabis Extraction Manager

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  • Arizona, USA
  • 31 Mar, 2021
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Job Description

Title: Extraction Manager

Location: Arizona

Job Description

One of our clients - a vertically integrated company producing massive quantities of bulk distillate within their extraction lab - is currently seeking a new Extraction Manager! Maintaining one of the largest grow operations in Arizona, through their perpetual harvests this company is in an optimal position to provide high-quality, sun grown flowers to support the demands of their expanding customer base.

The Oil Refinement Manager position is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the daily production within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department. The Oil Refinement department currently consists of ethanol extraction (C1D2 production), distillation, and CO2 extraction (terpene production). The production management of these three areas consists of all tasks that are required to maintain continuous daily production including but not limited to: production scheduling, timecard management, supply chain management, scheduling and/or performing preventative maintenance on processing equipment, document control, evaluating employee performance, managing interpersonal conflict within the department, etc.  Within the ethanol extraction area, the focus is on material intake, grinding & binning, in-process sampling, ethanol extraction, winterization/filtration, solvent recovery, and decarboxylation. Within the distillation area, the focus is on producing bulk distillate via wiped film evaporator, filtering that distillate, and preparing in-process samples for the distillate. Within the CO2 extraction area, the focus is on the production of high terpene extracts (HTEs) for use in the flavoring of vape cartridges and to be sold as a bulk ingredient to wholesale clients.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Overseeing and maintaining all daily operations within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department to ensure continuous production & that GMP are followed in all departments. 
    • Scheduling of all daily production within all production departments within the Oil Refinement department.  
    • Coordinating with all team leads and supervisors to ensure that the weekly production schedule is maintained and that weekly KPIs are met. 
    • Inspecting and verifying the quality of work performed within the Oil Refinement department. 
    • Generating daily production reports from the Oil Refinement department for the SQCD production board. 
    • Generating weekly production reports for the Sr. Extraction Lab Manager. 
    • Ensuring that all daily production boards within the Oil Refinement department are updated regularly by the appropriate staff members. 
    • Ensuring that all daily labor is scheduled appropriately to minimize labor costs within the Oil Refinement department. 
    • Ensuring that all department leads and supervisors are enforcing proper GMP and appropriately training all employees within their department before assigning them to a task. 
    • Ensuring that all daily, weekly, and monthly inventory tasks are completed such that the inventory within the Oil Refinement department is compliant with all required state regulations on traceability. 
    • Troubleshooting & repairing all equipment items as needed by the production schedule. 
    • Scheduling & occasionally performing the needed PM items for all equipment items as needed by the production schedule.
  • Overseeing and maintaining all supply chain management within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department to ensure continuous production. 
    • Establishing par levels for all consumables within the Oil Refinement department and monitoring these par levels to ensure continuous production. 
    • Coordinating with the company Purchasing department to ensure that all requested supplies are paid for on an appropriate timeline to prevent an impact to the production teams. 
  • Overseeing and maintaining the training program within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department. 
    • Developing and maintaining written SOPs for all current processes within the Oil Refinement department. 
    • Ensuring that training records are developed and maintained for all employees & processes within the Oil Refinement department. 
    • Developing and maintaining supplemental training tools when needed (videos, infographics, flow charts, etc.)
    • Documenting issues and training sessions appropriately to ensure that each employee is an appropriate fit for the position and department. 
    • Facilitating the 30,60,90 reviews for all new hires, transfers, or promotions within the Oil Refinement department. 
    • Facilitating the annual reviews for all employees within the Oil Refinement department.  
    • Coordinating with the HR department when appropriate on departmental and/or employee issues.
  • Overseeing and maintaining the Safety Program within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department.

Required Qualifications: Education, Training, Experience

  • 3+ years working within a GLP or GMP environment as a production manager is required
  • 3+ years of direct experience operating and maintaining the following types of equipment is required:
    • Ethanol Extraction Systems
      • Closed loop, stainless systems – basket centrifuge, column design, reactor design, etc. 
      • Chilling systems (circulating chillers and/or utilizing cryogens)  
      • Filtration systems (lenticular filtration, tabletop filtration, filter presses, etc.) 
      • Solvent recovery methods (rotary evaporators, falling film evaporators, vacuum distillations, etc.) 
      • Decarboxylation systems – batch reactor design (50L – 200L scale) 
    • Distillation Systems
      • Wiped film evaporators (stainless steel 6” x2 and glass 4” x1) 
        • Rotary vane pumps & diffusion pumps for vacuum
        • Liquid nitrogen & circulating chillers for cold traps 
        • Input/output gear pump designs for continuous throughput production 
        • Large batch production (60 – 70 kg + weekly production) 
      • Short path distillation systems for small batch process and R&D 
    • CO2 Extraction Systems 
      • Closed loop stainless steel systems 
      • Large scale production (2 column system, 20 – 25 lbs. capacity per column) 
  • 3+ years of direct experience working within hazard rated spaces – C1D2 is required  
  • High School diploma or equivalent is required
  • Bachelor’s degree in a scientific field and or a combination of education and experience required 
  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • Must be able to pass a fingerprint background check to get a dispensary agent card

Physical Requirements

  • May require prolonged sitting, standing, walking, bending, lifting, and use of hands
  • May require physical exertion to manually move, lift, carry, pull, or push heavy objects or materials 
  • May require stooping, bending, and reaching
  • Comfortable working in noisy and crowded environments
  • Observe, see, hear and respond to directions given with effective outcome
  • Lift 25-40 pounds from the floor to a waist-high table when necessary
  • Crouch & bend often
  • Stand for short/ high periods of time
  • Sit for short/ medium periods of time
  • Walk for short/high periods of time
  • Occasionally sit on the floor or at floor level
  • Handle the responsibilities and routine stress often associated with this position

Commitment & Dependability

  • 40 hrs per week minimum, additional hrs as needed by the production schedule. 
  • Excellent communication when needing to be absent, delegating tasks appropriately before leaving. 
  • Willingness to be an integral member of a successful team. 
  • Dedication to provide the highest levels of service.
  • Excellent attendance and reliability.
  • Adherence to company policies and procedures.
  • Dedicated to maintaining confidentiality in every aspect of the job.

Performance Expectations

  • TIME MANAGEMENT: Must plan two to twelve weeks in advance, depending upon                                 the directions given by the company leadership team.  
  • STRESS MANAGEMENT: Periodic stress due to intermediate time deadlines and timely implementation of department particulars.
  • PUBLIC CONTACT: Effectively & professionally interact primarily with the general public.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: Work collaboratively with your subordinates in establishing, implementing, organizing, and evaluating an effective production system.  
  • EVALUATION PROCEDURES: 30, 60, & 90-day evaluations during the initial transition to your new responsibilities. Annual reviews following this initial trial period. 
  • SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Sr. Extraction Lab Manager.
  • SUPERVISION GIVEN: All staff within the Extraction Lab’s Oil Refinement department.

Benefits & Perks

  • Opportunity to work with premiere vertically integrated cannabis company in Arizona!
  • Competitive Base Salary + Relocation Package

We sincerely look forward to connecting with you soon!