Director of Cultivation

  • Calyx Staffing
  • Oakland, CA
  • 14 May, 2021

Job Description

Director of Cultivation

Position Summary:

The ideal Director of Cultivation candidate is an experienced agricultural operations professional
that is ready to create a commercial scale cultivation operation from scratch. Responsibilities
include writing the comprehensive operations plan, design and oversight of facilities build out, all
staffing and training, genetics acquisitions, company goal setting, facility maintenance,
compliance, and production. This role will report directly to ownership with shared responsibility
for budgeting.


  • Cultivation Operations
  • Oversee the creation and implementation of all cultivation operations, plans, policies,
    and procedures- including propagation, plant care, IPM, health and safety operations,
    harvest, and post harvest.
  • Create and implement best practices for plant health and care.
  • Develop effective natural integrated pest/disease control with STRICT adherence to all
    state compliance and environmental safety regulations.
  • Etablish system and chain of command to collect, analyze, and maintain data on
    cultivation operations to aid strategic planning and operational decisions.
  • Manage the
    cultivation team responsible for all plants in a controlled environment.
  • Create a complete facility compliance plan with periodic internal audits to ensure state and environmental safety regulations are met.
  • Create and lead training programs for all cultivation personnel on plant propagation,
    plant care, plant harvest, post-harvest, and compliance.

Facilities/Building Management

  • Select, install, and train staff on the operation of the cultivation facility’s automated tools:including grow room temperature controls, lighting, watering systems, and other
  • Monitor climate equipment and data – repair, adjust, and maintain as necessary to
    ensure proper functionality. Develop a monthly inspection process to identify
    maintenance and repair needs.
  • Create an inventory management system and budget for all facility supplies.
    Administrative Operations
  • Develop a comprehensive staffing plan then participate with managers to hire, train, and
    supervise staff (includes scheduling, oversight, training, and annual performance
  • Create and oversee the cultivation budgets and accounts.
  • Coordinate with the Cultivation Manager on expenses and budget balances, forecast
    future expenses, and create budgets for the cultivation operation.
  • Test/Sample/Trial equipment to ensure subject matter expertise for future facility and
    equipment purchase.
  • Create systems and reporting to ownership for all relevant production information.
  • Coordinate with ownership, retail, wholesale, extraction, infused products production,
    and cultivation management interests with regard to production scheduling


  • Bachelor's degree in relatable field – agriculture, horticulture, botany, biology, etc 4+ years of experience in a regulated cannabis market
  • Strong leadership experience managing teams of 20+ members
  • Experience managing operations with 7,000+ plants
  • Experience creating organic and non-organic IPM programs
  • Grow design/build experience
  • Experience selecting, installing, and maintaining automated agricultural equipment
  • Must be able to pass a background check



Preferred Qualifications


  • Experience in a newly legal cannabis market (less than a year old) 
  • Experience with a startup cannabis company
  • Experience in an agricultural R&D environment
  • Experience in an entirely automated facility
  • Experience with extraction, infused product production, and distribution 
  • Masters degree or higher