Cultivation Technician

  • FlowerHire
  • Dimondale, Windsor Charter Township, MI 48821, USA
  • 14 Jun, 2021

Job Description

Position Summary

These employees will be tasked with the duties and responsibilities of physically harvesting plants from designated rooms and prepping them for the drying process. These employees are responsible to properly maintain the quality of the product during the harvesting process and transporting process to prevent any amount of flowers to break off and become extraction product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Cut down take plants over to the dry room to be weighed and documented
  • Remove all fan leaves from the plants per company operating procedures
  • Record the weight of fan leaf waste and weight of plant after removing the fan leaves
  • Communicate with the Processing Team and work fluidly to maintain cadence of having plants prepped for the Processing Team to hang the plants for drying in the designated area
  • Properly maintain company procedure to ensure the product quality during the harvest process and transporting between rooms