Preparation Specialist

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  • Marshall, MI 49068, USA
  • 01 Jul, 2021
Full time Cannabis Processing Jobs

Job Description

The Final Preparation Technician is required to manage several unique hash finishing processes simultaneously, keep up with the continual inbounding of new raw oil from various production lines, perform sound technique and be capable of anticipating and properly identifying material composition indicators that signal critical points in residual solvent needed to produce specific preparations.

The ideal final preparation specialist will maintain a current awareness of the latest popular forms of concentrates and possess a deep appreciation for the art of manipulating compositions and forms of oleoresin to produce pristine, artistic, aromatic ppm compliant concentrate preparations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • This position requires developed laboratory technique or the ability to quickly learn crystallization processes, decanting skill, use of homogenizing tools and skill operating vacuum ovens simultaneously as well as competency with all final preparation equipment.
  • Provide vital systematic cleaning and sanitization of the extraction laboratory.
  • Ensure consistency and efficacy of product through quality control testing, standard operating procedures and proper documentation.
  • Ensure personal hygiene is acceptable before performing any production activities by washing hands, wearing a hair net and other personal protective equipment, etc.
  • Sanitize all production equipment and tools including workspace, utensils, containers, cookware, and machinery.