Extraction Technician

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  • Marshall, MI 49068, USA
  • 01 Jul, 2021
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Job Description

The Special Concentrate Technician will be responsible for operating and managing the operations of the entire hydrocarbon extraction systems department and all other forms of concentrate production.

The primary responsibility of the Special Concentrate Technician is to maintain optimized concentrate production with the assistance of BHO/Special Concentrate technicians for each hydrocarbon extraction system. The Special Concentrate Technician is responsible for managing all bho technicians and ensuring adherence to the company SOPs developed alongside the Director for all specialty and hydrocarbon extraction systems.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:

  • As an expert in hydrocarbon extraction, the Special Concentrate Technician understands the critical production factors that affect quality, rate of production and how to control them.
  • The Special Concentrate Technician must maintain awareness of critical points in production where operator performance can affect the moisture content, temperature, and composition and how it affects phase selectivity, oxidation and other factors that impact the quality and throughput of concentrate production.
  • The Special Concentrate Technician will be responsible for reaching production goals to achieve department bonus potential and is required to gather critical data for further optimization of each process on each machine.
  • Experience in lp transfer, fluence and the behavior of liquid butane and propane solutions under controlled environments is key. Experience with processes employing selective media, performing various chromatography processes, critical filtration applications and anticipating oxidative reactions is expected of the Special Concentrate Lead.
  • Experience with laboratory equipment troubleshooting and pressure vessel diagnostics is advantageous to the Special Concentrate Lead. The ideal SCL will possess a passion for terpene preservation and appreciation for the opportunity to produce the largest quantity of live resin and specialty concentrates in Michigan and the ability to inspire and lead a team that reaches critical production goals.