Distillate Technician

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  • Marshall, MI 49068, USA
  • 01 Jul, 2021
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Job Description

The Distillate Technician will be responsible for the continual optimized operation of all equipment used to produce distillate.

This position is expected to thoroughly understand, master, and teach standard procedures developed alongside the processing director at each stage of distillate production.  As an expert in distillate production, the Distillate Technician learns and understands the critical production factors that affect quality and rate of production and how to control them. It is the responsibility of the Distillate Technician to understand, operate, train, and manage the operation of all processing equipment including but not limited to an ethanol extraction centrifuge, tri-clamp stainless vessels, lenticular and flat membrane filters, selective media, falling film ethanol recovery systems, vacuum-stir decarboxylation, and stainless steel VTA wiped-film distillation systems powered by various chillers and heater-circulators with various heat transfer mediums.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:

  • The Distillate Technician must maintain awareness of critical points in production where operator performance can affect the moisture content, temperature, and composition as it affects phase selectivity, oxidation and other factors that impact the quality and throughput of distillate production.
  • Ability to effectively manage a team of technicians to break production records and prepare data-driven performance reports.
  • Ensures the safe, accurate, and timely production of distillate; Ensures cleanliness, safety, and efficiency of the production area.
  • Provides consistent oversight of extraction procedures, ensuring standardized requirements and accuracy.
  • Expertise in Butane and Ethanol extraction methods as well as the purification, separation, and isolation of various compounds of cannabis.
  • Knowledge of distillation techniques.
  • Maintains quality control measures to ensure a high-quality product.
  • Ensures compliance with State regulations and testing requirements; develops SOPs to ensure safety, quality, and consistent processes.
  • Stays current with practices and new developments in the cannabis extraction industry.
  • Ensures accurate weighing and inventory; all products are packaged, counted, sorted, and labeled accurately.